Kids’ Birthday Parties

When school’s in session, it seems like one or both of our kids have a birthday party to attend monthly.  Nowadays, it seems we’re teaching kids way too early to be overly sensitive to everyone’s feelings so we can’t just pick our actual friends to celebrate our birthday, but the whole class.  The invitees then have to figure out what to give the birthday boy or girl as a present without really knowing that kid.  Sure, they know who the kid is and they may know what they’ve seen them wear to school, but they don’t really know them well enough to know what they like to play with or what hobbies they have.  This inevitably leads to the parents of the invitees wandering around the toy area of a store asking “do they like this?”, “do they like that?” with the answer of “I don’t know.”  Can’t we go back to the day when we only invited our friends to celebrate with us?


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