Great Food + Poor Service = A Shame

Smoke's pulled pork, beef brisket, smoked sausage and BBQ BeansA new restaurant opened a few weeks ago (maybe a little over a month ago) right around the corner from our house.  We’ve now been there twice and the food is great.  The pulled pork is moist and plentiful and you don’t NEED any of the four sauces they have on the table, but they are provided if you want to add some to your meat.  The smoked sausage is fantastic.  Of the three meats I’ve tried so far, it probably stand on its own better than the pulled pork and the beef brisket.  The brisket is sliced, but falls apart with the slightest nudge of the fork.  My daughter likes the kids cheeseburger (plus bacon).  We all like the BBQ beans which, naturally, have a smoked flavor to them.  All meals also include a sweet cornbread muffin and kettle corn is served with the drinks.  The only appetizer we’ve tried so far is the Frickles…fried pickle slices.  They were yummy, as well, and served with their own mildly spicy sauce.

Unfortunately, both times we’ve been there we’ve had the same waitress.  The first time, she walked by our table about three times in ten minutes without saying a word to us.  Finally, my wife caught her attention and asked if she was our waitress.  At that point, she said she was and that she’d be with us in a minute.  Okay, sure, another minute won’t hurt since it’s already been ten.  She did a passable job the rest of the evening.  Tonight (the second trip) we were at the restaurant with my wife’s parents, her brother, and his daughter.  This time the waitress didn’t take too long to get to us, but somehow she failed to notice that we had no menus and asked what everyone wanted to drink.  We had to ask a couple times about the popcorn, and she really messed up the bills.

Maybe the other waitresses at this joint know what they’re doing and can provide better service.  Maybe she’s never waitressed before and is still learning what it takes, but she doesn’t have much personality either.  Maybe we’ll just call in to-go orders from now on…which is a shame because it won’t be the same as eating in the restaurant and if we’re thinking that way, I’m sure others will/are as well.  Hopefully, the waitress will learn quickly and become better.  Hopefully, the other waitresses are already better.  Hopefully, this restaurant will survive and be here for a long while.  The food is great and worthy of being one of those local favorites.  It would be a real shame to see it fail due to poor service.


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