Laughter Causes Monkey Face

I’m really not sure why this movie popped into my head today, but I recall watching it a few times over ten or fifteen years, the last time being at least ten years ago.  I know that I like it and I recall that each time, I’ve picked up on something that I missed the previous time.

The Name of the Rose, from 1986, stars Sean Connery and Christian Slater as a friar and his novice who arrive at a monastery they were to visit just after a suicide.  More deaths follow their arrival and the two endeavor to solve the mystery of who’s doing the killing.  It’s not exactly an action-packed thriller, but there’s creepy monks, murder most foul, and the Inquisition.

Here’s one of my favorite lines from the movie and one that doesn’t necessarily need to be taken in context:

“Laughter is a devilish wind which deforms, uh, the lineaments of the face and makes men look like monkeys.”

Guess I need to go pick up a copy and watch it again…or better yet, get a copy of the book.  If you need more convincing to see or read this, check out the Wikipedia entry for The Name of the Rose.


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