Need Gingko biloba

Dontcha hate it when you sit down at your computer/tablet/phone/paper to compose your latest blog/story/poem/what-have-you and you can’t remember what you were going to write about?  I do.  I’m having that problem right now, which is why I’m making a much longer entry about not being able to remember what I intended to write than I really need…hoping that maybe as I gibber on like this it will pop back into my mind.  It doesn’t appear to be working though.

Maybe I need to start taking Gingko biloba.  According to the Mayo Clinic website entry on Gingko biloba, there’s evidence that it may help with memory enhancement in patients who are healthy…meaning those not listed in the paragraph cited below:

“Ginkgo is used for the treatment of numerous conditions, many of which are under scientific investigation. Available evidence demonstrates ginkgo’s efficacy in the management of intermittent claudication, Alzheimer’s/multi-infarct dementia, and “cerebral insufficiency” (a syndrome thought to be secondary to atherosclerotic disease, characterized by impaired concentration, confusion, decreased physical performance, fatigue, headache, dizziness, depression, and anxiety).”

I don’t know what the hell intermittent claudication is, err… hold on a sec…decided to not be lazy..Googled it and…Holy Crap!  I think I may be starting to suffer from it.  Read the Wikipedia entry on intermittent claudication or just accept my summary of it:  pain in the calf muscle, typically brought on by exercise.

Now, I’m sure I need Gingko biloba.  It might help with my intermittent claudication, as well as enhance my memory, which would be great because if I’d have remembered what I was going to write about at first, I’d have just thought my calf was sore…not that I might be suffering from a real big word ailment.


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