Train ’em up, then send ’em home

My wife likes to have little chats with our daughters when she tucks them in.  Sometimes they have quite a laugh…I can hear them giggling and laughing from the living room.  Tonight, after coming back downstairs, my wife told me what started the gigglefest.  My older daughter told her she wasn’t sure she wanted to have kids because she didn’t want to have to deal with the cleaning up of poop and other mess, changing diapers, and all that.  She then said something like “maybe I’ll just send them to [my sister] to train until they’re five and then send back.”  Isn’t that a riot?  Her sister, our younger daughter, likes playing with little kids and helping take care of them so she may think that would actually be a good plan.  Not sure.  I wasn’t there.  I suppose she’ll change her mind when she’s older.  I can’t imagine not liking to change diapers keeping her from the joy that is parenthood.


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