Random Hairs

Random Hair on My ArmI was sitting around checking FaceBook on my phone…(Android, BTW, I’m an iHater)… when I noticed this dark hair sprouting from my arm.

When the hell did that get there?

I’m not a very hirsute guy. I’ve got an average amount of hair on my arms and legs, a lot of thick hair on my head (except for the nearly bare spot on top-back), and a small to average amount on my chest. I can grow a wicked-thick mustache and, for lack of a better word, soul patch, but it takes about a week for a beard to look like more than just unshaved stubble…and I’m quite certain I could never grow “Da Beard.”  So, what’s with the random single hairs that just pop up out of the blue where no other hair is growing?? And I really do mean pop up…like yesterday it wasn’t there and today…”Whoomp! There it is!” [hehehe…couldn’t help myself]

It’s kind of like that “speak of the Devil and he appears” thing…okay, not really. I wasn’t talking about hairs before it showed up.



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