Making Carmen

In preparation for Thursday’s Chili Cook-off at work, I made chili for the family for dinner today…got the ingredients ready and into the crock pot where they cooked all day.  This evening, my in-laws came over for dinner and also to give the girls and my wife and me Valwntine’s Day gifts.  After we finished, I got out more ingredients for the final prep of the chili foe the cook-off.  I decided to go for level three (hottest) this year while still maintaining good flavor.  Though I left most of the seeds out, the main heat of this chili is coming from a particular pepper.  I’ll leave it to you to figure out which one.  I’ve already made it about as obvious as the nose on your face.  (hint:  see the title of this blog…and the tags).

When I tasted the chili shortly after adding the new ingtedients, it had a little kick, but I’m not sure if it’s a level three.  This is why I made it two days ahead though…for the spice to have time to better permeate the meat and other ingredients.  I hope it is a three by the time it’s heated back up Thursday around lunchtime…and that there’s plenty of  cold beverages and chips for those brave enough to let this chili dance across their tongues.


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