I’d Be Happy with a One Hit Wonder

Sometimes, one hit wonders are odd, quirky songs that fit a certain time, like Pac Man Fever by Buckner & Garcia.  Other times, unfortunately, the reason turns out to be turmoil within the band.  Such is the case with Moving Pictures, an Australian band that hit it big (?) in the United States with What About Me in 1982…big meaning a peak Billboard ranking in the 20s and a spot on Billboards Top 100 for that year.  The band has a great 80’s sound:  good instrumentation, good lyrics, and good vocals…not fantastic in any one aspect, but a good quality band that I would certainly have liked to have seen produce more.  That wasn’t to be, though.  The only other song I ever heard on the radio by them was from the Footloose soundtrack:  Never.  Both of those videos are below.  I like them both very much.  I don’t know that Never hit the charts so my subject being One Hit Wonders applies.

In addition to being an avid music listener (especially of 80’s music), I am an aspiring writer.  I hope to one day be published and see my books on the shelf at Barnes & Noble, and, if I’m really lucky, to be able to make my living writing.  Of course, I’ll be happy with being the writing equivalent of a One Hit Wonder, as well.

Enjoy a little Moving Pictures…

“What About Me”



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