Chastising the Class

Earlier this week, I posted about people walking in late to a class.  While that is annoying, the instructor stepped way out of line yesterday.

Over the course of the week, the instructor was alright.  He seemed to know most of the material, except that he was using an old book that had things in a slightly different order than our chapters and slides, but he occasionally dodged answering some questions.  I’m not sure if he was dodging because he didn’t know the answer or because the question was really getting to a point that shouldn’t be addressed in this class…something that would be handled by someone trained to handle those issues.  Of course, if the latter was the case, he could have stated that and moved on.  It would have been better, in my opinion, than appearing to just ignore it.  Still, no big deal.  I was learning the material and he made a point of emphasizing part that would be on the test…by repeating the statement or term repeatedly or by asking a question about it during review or by the old foot stomp while mentioning it.  The person at my table wasn’t overly pleased with the instructor, to the extent that they said they thought he was stupid.  Again, not my take on him.

Our instructor had us fill out the instructor evaluations before lunch on Thursday so we wouldn’t be held up after the afternoon guest speaker was done.  Thinking ahead.  Looking out for the class…nice.  When we got back from lunch, though, he took a few minutes to chastise the class about what was in one of the evaluations.  First, I don’t think he should have read them until the course was over.  Second, because they were anonymous, he didn’t know who said what he found objectionable.  Third, he simply shouldn’t have addressed the issue.  Apparently, someone wrote in the comments that he was late to class and unprepared…it sounded as if they indicated it wasn’t just once.  For the record, he was never late and he almost always had the slides queued up for the next block of instruction when we got back from breaks/lunches/etc.  He decided to tell a class of students that a “lie was a lie” and that it was just low for someone to stab him in the back like that.  To make up a story like that…etc…etc…etc.

For about ten minutes, he went on about how it was wrong and he couldn’t believe someone had done this to him.  Meanwhile, most of us are looking around wondering who did it.  Finally, a lady in the back said she felt he was being totally unprofessional and was making her uncomfortable and she wasn’t even the one who wrote it.  A couple others echoed her sentiments and suggested we get back to whatever was next in the class…which we did.

Aside from this huge lapse in judgement, I found the instructor to be adequate for this course.  He certainly doesn’t rank among the best I’ve had, but he’s probably not the worst either.  Unfortunately for him, this is probably going to hurt.  At the end of the day, the lady who set up the course came in and talked to us without the instructor and was told what happened.  She said that she’d be sure to relay the info on to the company that employs this guy.

I’m not sure what made one of the students so mad that they wrote that on their eval, but, to quote one of my leadership instructors, “how you react to what I say shows more about you than it does about me.”  Indeed.

Note:  It was not me or the person sitting next to me who put that on the eval.

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