I’m Late…Look at Me

Dotcha hate it when you’re in a class and the same person comes in late every morning?  Not just a few seconds or a minute or two late, either, but the three or four minutes that happens to be right after the instructor has begun teaching.  They walk in, feigning embarrassment at being late and interrupting the class, make their way to their seat and then make too much noise settling in.  Everyone is late now and then, but this person is constantly late, and frequently sitting as far away from the door as possible, so that they have to “sneak” most of the way through the room to get to their seat.  I’ve also noticed that these “interrupters” are the type that wear bright clothes that draw the eye and, during breaks, walk the halls or hang out in the break areas yakking loudly on their mobile phones, as if someone is going to be impressed with them.Mr. T

In the class I’m currently taking, the Interrupter is this really tall lady with tons of makeup, overly landscaped eyebrows and enough gold and jewelry to make Mr. T envious…and she’s come in late every morning, late from every lunch, and late from many of the breaks…and she sits in the first row.  I have not seen her on her mobile phone yet.


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