Fuzzy Logic, er, Thoughts

I’m having a much tougher than normal time deciding on a topic for my blog post tonight.  This could be the due only getting two hours of sleep last night.  Why only two hours?  Because my youngest daughter got sick. We’re talking about the getting up every 8 to 10 to 15 minutes to puke into the toilet or her trashcan.  Between trips to the restroom she would go back to her bad and lie down and I’d crawl back into my bed.  I don’t know if, about 4 am, she actually stopped throwing up and made it until 6:20ish or if I just fell asleep and during those two hours I failed to be awoken by the sound of her heading to the bathroom.  I surely hope it was the former.  She stayed home from school today and aside from not eating much, she looked pale and sickly, but she said she felt fine.  I hope she’s really alright and will wake tomorrow very hungry and ready to go to school.  I’d take off if I could, but am in training.  Funny, how the timing of things like this happens.  Ah, well.  I’m tired…and rambling…so I’ll call this the end and hope it wasn’t too horrible.


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