Love Rollercoaster…or Elementary School BFs and GFs

This isn’t where I was planning on taking this Rollercoaster when the Ohio Players was stuck in my head.  The Love part wasn’t there at all…just the rollercoaster, but since the song is Love Rollercoaster, I decided to write about a topic that I find amusing and disturbing at the same time:  Elementary school boys and girls and their girlfriends and boyfriends.

Last year, my daughters were talking about a boy and a girl in one of their classes were going out.  I asked where they were going?  They thought that was funny.  As we discussed it further, I asked those hard-hitting reporter-like questions:  Do they kiss?  Hold hands?  Are the boys allowed to talk to other girls?  Can the girls talk to other boys?  Do they drive each other places…nope, too young for that, so do their mom or dad take them places and let them hang out together?  Of course, the answer is a resounding “No!”  So, I ask what “going out” means then?  They can’t really give a good answer, but we arrive at it sort of, kind of means “you like the boy and he likes you,” but you can still talk to other girls/boys and there’s no kissing or anything.  I explain that it’s ridiculous to bother with silly mess like that and they agree.  Great, that was easy.  BFs, GFs, and such kicked further down the road…

…about six months or so till this school year.  This time, though, it’s my younger daughter (third grade) who “all” the kids in after school care program are claiming is going out with a boy in her class and the same after school care.  She says they are just friends.  We again have the discussion about BFs and GFs and how it’s ridiculous to have them in third grade or fourth or fifth grade.  Since she said they are just friends, we’re done again…or not.  Apparently, she and this boy spend a lot of time together after school…sitting and talking, playing the game console at the after school program, etc.  At one point, one of the other kids, jealous of the time the two were spending together, started a rumor that my daughter and her friend had kissed…not true, thankfully.  They continued to be buddy/buddy until shortly after Christmas when school started back up.  They had an argument about something and decided to not be friends…a week later, they were friends again.  A couple weeks later, they had another argument and weren’t friends…for a day or so.  Now, they are friends again, but not as close as they were.  She was invited to his Super Bowl party since she hangs out more with the boys in her class than the girls, and today we found out that while they are still friends, he asked a different girl to be his Valentine.  She’s fine with it.  Quite the short, twisty-turny, rollercoaster of Elementary School love this last month and one that I’m fine has ended…for now.

I’m really not looking forward to them getting older and dating, but that will be another blog…or, more likely, many other blogs.

As this post was inspired by the Ohio Players and their funky “Love Rollercoaster,” here it is…


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  1. I remember going with someone in elementary, and even middle, school. It wasn’t silly at all, as silly as it was. It’s part of the process, and thankfully, it starts out with so little physical interaction. 🙂

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