Pizza Hut – Still Making It Great

My earliest pizza joint memory is from when we lived in Tacoma, Washington.  I recall our go to place for dinner being Shakey’s and although I can find a number of their commercials on YouTube, I can’t find the one with the jingle that I remember seeing on TV and hearing on the radio:  “Shakey’s is shaking up, pizza people.”  I do remember being able to go stand and watch the pizza makers stretch and toss the dough before making the pizzas.  It was like a little performance, and for a young kid, it was cool.

Pizza Hut didn’t come along, at least for our family, until we moved to Hawaii.  Back then, their buildings had a shape similar to the ones today, there was no pizza buffet, but there was a salad bar, the atmosphere was a darker interior with lights over the tables, and there was no such thing as unlimited refills on beverages so we shared a pitcher of soda between the two adults and two kids.  I have no idea how much it cost.  I was a kid.  I simply enjoyed the family night out for dinner.

Over the years, Pizza Hut has morphed a bit.  It went from a mostly dine-in restaurant to a delivery joint to a pizza buffet place that also delivers.  All the while, through tonight, when I had the pizza buffet and salad bar with my girls, it had good, yummy pizza, the world over.  And when I say the world over, I mean it.  The one in Seoul, Korea, and the one in Heidelberg, Germany, both made very good Pizza Hut pizza.

Now that I’m not a kid, but have two of my own, one more benefit of Pizza Hut is the prices.  Tonight, for one adult buffet, two kid buffets, and two kid drinks, the price was under $20.  I couldn’t have gone to a fast food joint for that.


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