Lack of Planning on Your Part…

…does not constitute an emergency on my part.  That’s the quote we always want to cite when someone tries toss the metaphorical grenade into our cubicle.  We can’t always deflect it and sometimes there’s nothing to do but jump on it and help protect the rest of the team…especially the boss.

Yesterday, I was out of the office because the geniuses that run the school system thought the kids needed a four-day weekend a month after Christmas vacation.  (It was really supposed to be for teacher workdays on Friday and Monday.)  I have plenty of leave days built up so taking the day off to spend with my girls wasn’t a problem.  I got a call around mid-afternoon from one of the guys at work asking if I had access to the server to upload something that was “an emergency.”  If I had brought my laptop home, the answer would have been sure.  No problem.  In this case, though, I was burning leave and hadn’t anticipated needing to do any work the one day I was going to be out.

I asked what was going on and he explained that an office that works for the big boss needed to get some documents published and they needed to have it done as soon as they sent the documents over.  Okay…no one is going to die if the latest revision of (essentially) a routing slip isn’t made available minutes after these folks finish revising and approving it.  As it turns out, after all the “we have to get it done today” bluster, they didn’t even get the documents to us until this morning.  In the email to me, the instructions of what needed to be fixed in the form didn’t seem quite right so I replied asking a question.  The response was that I was right…autospell had “corrected” a word incorrectly.  The Form was now ready to go and I got it posted.  The prescribing document, though, had a sample using the old form.  Again, I caught this and requested the other office produce a sample with the new form to be included, to which I received a reply of “Good Catch.”  When I left the office today, I still hadn’t received the sample.

So, what started yesterday as an publishing emergency, won’t be released until tomorrow morning at the earliest.  of course, if someone had done a little bit of proofing the document before sending it the first time instead of rushing through the really obvious parts, they whole thing might have been correct the first time it was sent over and it could have been done this morning.

Of course, being able to catch these problems before they get released to the field and getting them fixed makes me look good, which makes my bosses look good.  And we all know that bosses like to look good.


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