Parks Orthodontics: a Very Cool Place for Kids

Smiles and Muppets at Parks Orthodontics

We’ve been coming to Parks Orthodontics for three to four years so far.  The first three were for an E-arch for our elder daughter and the younger one got an E-arch last year about the same time her sister finally got hers out.

This has got to be about the most kid friendly place I’ve seen as far as dental/medical facilities go.  Aside from the cool decorations (see pic to the right as an example), they have a touchscreen monitor that allows kids to easily check themselves in, an aquarium with lots of colorful fish, an indoor mini jungle gym, and a small arcade with a couple arcade games, a Wii, and an XBox.  Every visit, the kids earn Sunny Money which they can save up and trade in for a variety of items, from little crappity to frisbees to travel mugs to a stuffed parrot.  Why a parrot?  Because Sunny, for which the money is named, is a real parrot that lives here.  Sometimes, Sunny is allowed to roam around the office outside his cage and you’ll see him on a tech’s shoulder, or even a patient’s.  The kids, at least mine, love Sunny.  Back to the money, the kids can earn more each visit by wearing their Parks Orthodontics t-shirts that they get on their first treatment, by bringing in report cards with A’s and B’s, and by participating in the various “theme weeks” the office has throughout the year.

Kids sign the ceiling when they get their braces off

For the adults, they have a big TV in the waiting area and a really cool coffee machine that grinds the beans fresh for each cup based on the strength selected.  It also makes cappucinos, and dispenses hot water for the assortment of teas available.  Flavored creamer is also available, as are fresh cookies…while supplies last.

Parks is also very web/social media savvy.  They make good use of Facebook, both for notifying the masses of goings on, as well as for running occasional contests.

It is likely that our girls will end up with braces, like the majority of the patients here, and we’ll definitely come here for them.  Parks has earned our trust and our business and when the girls get their braces off, they’ll join the hundreds (thousands ?) of kids before them with straight teeth…and get to sign the ceiling.  (click pic at left for bigger view)


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  1. A quick follow-up. Yesterday, I had to take my younger daughter for a check-up and found they have replaced their cool coffee/hot chocolate/latte machine with a Starbucks coffee machine. It has two different beans stored in “tanks” with labels (so you know which Starbucks beans are in each ‘tank’) above the bright silver machine. You place you cup on the designated space, select left, right, or blend of the beans, and hit go. It takes a minute or so longer to get the coffee, but it is just as good as a cup from an actual Starbucks store…provided you like either/both of the beans being offered. I took a pic and will see if I can get it in here as a follow-up comment.

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