A Bud Light to get you Drunk Faster (P366D28)

Mi esposa and I hit the local Beef O’Brady’s today for lunch.  The young gal who was waiting on us told us that they had some specials akin to Happy Hour between some odd hours which happened to include the time we were there.  One of those specials was some Cosmo.  My wife asked what’s in that particular Cosmo and the waitress grinned and said she didn’t know…um…vodka.  Ok, she didn’t look old enough to drink and, even if she is, everyone doesn’t know what’s in every drink.  That’s the bartender’s job.  Might be good to know, though, if you’re going to mention it as part of “the spiel.”  She also mentioned the new Bud Light Platinum, which I’d never heard of.  I asked about it and she said it has a higher alcohol content and is supposed to taste better than regular Bud Light.  I decided to go with a Fat Tire, but this got me wondering why in the world we really need yet another mostly tasteless beer (an assumption) that just has a higher alcohol content.  So the people who drink only to get drunk can do it in fewer bottles?  It’s not like they’re going to stop after four instead of six because it’s slightly more alcoholic.  I could see the need for yet another Bud Light product if it had a dramatic increase in flavor, but according to what I’ve now read on this product, it’s not a huge flavor improvement, and it has nearly thirty calories more than regular Bud Light.  I’m sure we’ll see an ad or two for this next week during the Super Bowl and I’m sure there will already be folks getting hammered by it then as well since it is supposed to be released on 30 Jan.  Apparently, some places, like our local Beef’s already have it.

Here’s a video of a couple guys giving it a blind taste test…


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