At the gym…A Manly Competition

(almost) Every time I go to the gym to workout I find an interesting assortment of folks…(continued from yesterday)

There are the guys in there that have a coordinated outfit…if they are Nike fans, they’ve got the Nike shirt and matching Nike shorts or Nike sweat pants and socks and Nike shoes with colors that are complimentary (substitute any brand name). These guys are wearing their jewelry…rings, necklaces…and you never see them actually do any exercise. They may go the extra yard to complete the illusion of being there to workout by hanging a towel around their neck. These guys aren’t difficult to spot, either, because aside from their snappy (?) wardrobe, they are fairly loud as they talk to everyone in the gym. Why do they talk to everyone? Because they know them all from all the time they spend in the gym not working out and chatting everyone up. The other thing that adds to their illusion is that most of these guts are thin…which makes it believable that they do workout.

There are the hardcore weight lifters.  In baggy sweat pants or shorts that are too small and too tight, with muscle shirts or sweatshirts with the arms ripped off, these guys won’t be caught dead on a weight “machine”…it’s free weights only because while dropping the stack of weights on the weight machines may be frown upon, it wracks up cool points to lift heavy weights and drop them like the dead lift guys at the Olympics.  Well, it scores points with the other guys who are into that.  The rest of us cringe and wonder how many times of that happening before the weights go through the floor.  These guys look like this:

Of course, there’s also the ultra competitives.  These guys show up in any combination of clothing, from fashion victim to “did they pick that out in the dark?”  On the weight machines, they risk hurting themselves because, as long as anyone is in the gym and might see how little weight they are using, they tack on ten to fifteen to twenty pounds more than they can really handle and strain as they move the stacks, not quite completing each set.  Then they get on the treadmill (or elliptical machine or stair stepper) and start jogging.  Then someone else jumps on the machine next to them and Mr. Competitive has to sneak a peak at how fast the competition is going and increase his speed to make sure he’s running faster.  Of course, it doesn’t matter if he can’t sustain the pace.  He struggles on, trying to keep the game face, but getting more and more out of breath until they have to admit defeat and hit the ‘cool down’ button and hope they don’t do a faceplant on the treadmill.  And if the person who hops up on the treadmill is a chick, he’s toast.  He’d die before letting her run at a faster pace than he does.


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