At the gym…Watching the Ladies

(almost) Every time I go to the gym to workout I find an interesting assortment of folks.

There are the ladies in the tight shirts or cropped shirts or shirts that accentuate the fact that they are wearing pushup bras or bras that certainly weren’t worn for the purposes of holding their jiggling parts in control during exercise.  Along with these tops, spandex pants or shorts usually accompany these tops.  First, ladies, we all know that just because they make spandex that you can fit into doesn’t mean you should squeeze into them, right? Second, spandex is not always the best material for all types of workouts.  Generally, the ladies wearing these outfits are completely made up and flit around on a piece or two of cardio equipment trying not to break a sweat because they aren’t really there to exercise.

The ladies who are there to workout may still have on a cute, figure flattering outfit if they are in shape, but they are found pounding away on the treadmill, pedaling their buns off, or pumping away on the elliptical machines…or getting their sweat on in one of the classes, like Zumba.  They are nearly oblivous to the people around them and find it annoying when dumb asses try to get their attention or otherwise interrupt their workouts.

Then there are the really hardcore ladies who not only get their sweat on, but also like to feel that muscle burn that comes from hitting the weights or weight machines…hard.  they have no qualms about making noise and showing a straining face as they pump out those last few reps of a set.  They don’t have time for knuckleheads either:  Leave them alone or feel embarrassed because they can push more than you.

Tune in tomorrow when I’ll talk about the fellas.


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