Land Yachters, Stay in your Lane! (P366D25)

While I’m not a big fan of large vehicles…the over-sized SUVs and trucks, the jacked up trucks with giant mud tires, or the land yachts toward which many of our elder folks tend to gravitate.  I don’t care about what their gas mileage is or isn’t.  If you can afford the gas, knock yourself out…and I understand that folks who tow things or haul large, heavy loads frequently need bigger vehicles with more powerful motors. One reason for my dislike of these over-sized vehicles is that many of them don’t fit well in parking places or even on some narrower roads, but my biggest issues are that a lot of the folks driving these land yachts have a problem infringing on other lanes because they have so little room to drift and they take forever to park because they simply aren’t adept enough to line the vehicles up right the first time or they just don’t bother trying and take up two spaces.

I know this is a generalization and I know that most folks to whom this post applies will read this and think “That’s not me!”  But guess what?  A lot of you are.

If you own, or plan to own, a land yacht or giant truck/SUV/whatever, learn to drive it AND park it well.




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