The Rebuttal (P366D24)

Tonight was the annual State of the Union address.  I didn’t watch it.  I watched shows that I had DVR’d.  I watch TV to be entertained or informed, and I don’t find the State of the Union address to be either.  The only thing remotely entertaining is watch the folks in the audience clap and cheer, or stand and clap and cheer, or vigorously clap and cheer, or shake their head and remain seated, etc.  I’ve watched some State of the Union addresses in the past and they are a fine display of speech writing, but it’s just more of the same crap that we hear from politicians when they are on the campaign trail:  “I’m going to do this.  I did this.  I won’t do this.  Look what we’ve accomplished, and what we haven’t accomplished.  If the other party in Congress would stop being a hindrance, we could do so much…blah blah blah.”

What I really don’t like about the State of the Union address is the official Rebuttal by the opposition party.  We’ve already heard the well-written drivel presented in magnificent fashion by the current President…taking up too much of our entertainment time.  Now we listen to another politician spew forth a more hastily written speech to refute anything the President claimed was positive, and concur with anything the President said was wrong.  Really?  What’s the freaking point of this Rebuttal???  Not a darn thing and here’s why:  Folks that are fans of the President are going to like what he said and you’re not going to turn them against him or his party.  As for the folks who don’t like the President, you’re just preaching to the choir…they already don’t like him and the State of the Union address isn’t going to make them stop and think “Wow!  He’s great.  I should be a fan of his and his party.”

As I said up front, I didn’t watch it this year so this isn’t aimed specifically at the current President and his opposition party.  This stupid Rebuttal thing started before he ever got in office.  I know they were rebutting ‘Dubya’ and it may have started long before that.  Maybe it’s been going on since we had the State of the Union address on TV.  I don’t know.  Don’t really care.  It’s ridiculous.  Instead of wasting time on this kind of crap, they should be figuring out how to solve some of our problems and get their Congressional Approval ratings out of the toilet.  I wonder if they have to pay for their TV air time and, if so, how much…would it have been enough to provide cost of living adjustments to those government employees who saw inflation and healthcare costs go up again this year?

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