Passing on a Love of Music (P366D19)

I’ve been told that I have an eclectic collection of music.  My answer to that is usually that I simply love music.  My collection is quite broad.  I’ve got Oldies and Doo-Wop and The Beatles, ‘Old Time Rock & Roll’ and ‘Motown’ and Psychedelic Rock, Disco and Heavy Metal and Funk, R&B and Hair Bands and Old School Rap, Grunge Rock and Country and Rave, Soft Rock and Pop and Adult Contemporary, and Celtic and Classical and Opera and World Music and New Age and Jazz and Blues and Folk and High School Musical and the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus…and lots of other variations and sub-categories of these.

Where’d this grand appreciation for music come from?  A lot of it had to do with my parents.  Here’s what I heard when my Dad was in the mood on the weekend to play his albums:

Sly & The Family Stone:

The Doobie Brothers:

The Hollies:

Four Tops:

Blood, Sweat & Tears:

Marvin Gaye:

And while Mom listened to some of the music that my Dad liked, especially the Oldies, her favorite albums didn’t generally rock quite as much:

Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand:

Carpenters (later a big hit for Luther Vandross):

Jim Croce:

If the Bee Gees were playing when we got home from school, it was a pretty safe bet Mom was cleaning the house:

And my Mom’s favorite song from a corny TV show we watched as a family, Joey Scarbury’s ‘Believe It Or Not (Theme to The Greatest American Hero)’:

Now, I picked up a lot of my tastes along the way, too, but my collection of LPs started with the first record my parents gave me for Christmas one year…KISS’s ‘Dynasty’:

And now, when I’m driving my daughters around, I introduce them to some great music they’d not likely hear on the radios in school or at their friends houses or music players.  We listen to it all.  Some of it they like, some of it they aren’t as fond of.  Lately, my younger daughter (9 years old) has come to appreciate Chicago and their blend rockin’ guitars and drums with some great horns…and I have to agree with my Dad that early Chicago is so much more musically interesting than the mid/late 80’s and 90’s version.  My daughter has actually asked me to put it on.  Here’s one of early Chicago’s live performances of ’25 or 6 to 4′:

I Love Music and am doing what I can to provide my daughters with a broad exposure to the many types of music and some of the great and classic artists and songs of the past.  Hopefully, they’ll love it as much as I do and, in turn, pass it on to their kids when they have them.


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