The Tick (P366D18)


Tonight, my wife was on the couch, petting our long-hair dachshund when she called out to me to come quickly.  I rushed in there and found her looking at what I mistook, at first, to be some unusual growth.  Upon further inspection, though, we found it to be a tick…at least, we thought it was a tick.  Neither of us had ever seen a cream-colored tick before, but it was latched on like one.  We tried making it back out, which never works for us, so we killed it by lighting a match, blowing it out and quickly applying it to the tick to burn it.  I did this three times since it was so big and I wanted to be sure it was dead.  My wife then use tweezers to grab the carcass as close to the dog’s ear as possible and pull it out.  The dog is experienced at tick removal and doesn’t even flinch.  I posted the pic on FaceBook and a friend informed me that it’s probably an ordinary tick that was nearly full of blood.  Who’d have guessed that full ticks would be creamy/white instead of dark brown/red?  All I know is that it’s pretty foul and I wonder how long it had to have been there.


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