Acting Natural…Unnaturally (P366D16)

We (the family) had to make a video, answering 10 questions, about what we’d like to get out of a vacation, things we’d like in a dream vacation home, our favorite movies, and unusual things about past vacations.  The guidance for the video:  Be enthusiastic, but be yourself.  Um, what?  How the hell do I do both of those?  Do I like vacations?  Heck, yeah?  Am I enthusiastic about them?  Sure am, but it’s tough to be enthusiastic about answering questions…and I’m not naturally the bubbly type.  Other guidance says things like “talking over each other is fine.”  Maybe we shouldn’t have read the questions before shooting the video.  The other night as we all were lounging around before bedtime, we got the questions out and started going over them.  That night there was a lot more shouting out answers and interrupting each other.  On our final video-we tried a few, we are a lot more subdued.  I guess answering the same questions repeatedly kind of takes some of the excitement out of them.

Did I mention that this to potentially win a cool vacation?  No.  Well, it is…and it would be awesome to win it.  Just being selected as finalists (who get to send in the video) is pretty neat, but the win would be fantastic as nothing like this ever happens to us.

Ah, well.  It’s out of our hands now.  The video’s been uploaded and all we can do is wait.  Our fingers are crossed.


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