Spam-a-lot (P366D15)

I’m really not sure why it is, but lately all the spam I’ve been getting here is from .info domains.  Many of them, when I hover over the URLs to view the page preview, are in foreign languages that look like Russian or Czech or some language that makes use of similar characters.  Are .info domains just that cheap right now that they are the “in-thing” for spammers to use?  Maybe some organized (or disorganized) crime syndicate is setting up banks of these domains and, potentially, even the folks who are hitting blogs and posting jibber jabber comments hoping they’ll get approved, or better yet, post on un-moderated sites to get their links to pay-per-click or view pages or malicious downloads.  Whatever the case, I’m not approving them, even when they appear to be comments that look like legit responses to the post.  It’s a shame that these fidiots out there are potentially preventing legitimate users from communicating with others.



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