The Daily Bump and Grind (P366D10)

Ever notice that it’s when you think your day shouldn’t be to hectic that everything blows up?  You have your gym bag packed and ready for a trip to burn off calories and stress, and are bopping on down the road.  And then it starts…

The bumps…

Traffic jam full of fidiots trying to force their way into the lanes, well past the merge point causing everything to backup on the Interstate.  “Ok.  No problem.  It’s not unusual for this road.”

You get to work and find your gym partner forgot about a meeting he had and won’t be able to go to the gym with you.  “Ok.  No problem.  We mostly do cardio on machines.  Don’t need a spotter or moral support.  I can still go.”

Then, before you can even get to work finishing up the small bit you’ve got left on a project from the previous day, fires break out that you have to begin putting out.  No, not real fires…the kind of fires that happen when people do or don’t do things that cause others to have to jump through hoops to keep the masses from revolting and the powers that be from looking for heads to roll.  So you bust out your extinguisher and let loose with your expert aim and have the fires out pretty quickly in the grand scheme of things, but at least your whole morning is shot.  “Ok.  No problem.  I got the fires out and it wasn’t my fault.

Now, you finally sit down to that project you thought you’d have cleaned off your plate hours earlier and knock it out.  “Ok.  Cool.  I knew it would only take a few minutes.  Now I have the rest of the day to work on my big longer-term project.”

And then you realize, the rest of the day is less than an hour…and you’ve got mail, lots of mail.  Apparently, something was going on with the email delivery during the day and just a few minutes ago it corrected itself and now, BAM!, your project now has to wait until tomorrow.  “Ok.  Ok.  I give.  Time to call it a day.”

Do you hear that wheel grinding?  Screeeeeee.  Screeeeeee.


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