Cookie Rally (P366D6)

It’s almost time for those little girls in green and brown and blue to start their annual fund raiser.  Yes, I’m talking about Girl Scout Cookies!


To kick it off and get the girls all spun up, our troop is hosting the Cookie Rally.  No, they aren’t just sitting around taste-testing.  They’re playing little games at different stations to help them learn about the cookies, about selling them safely, and a little reinforcement of Girl Scout values.  While it’s loud, it is actually going fairly well and not quite the “cat herding event” I half-expected.


Once they finish the games, they’re going to discuss what they learned, then have some lemonade and cupcakes provided by Bella Cakes.

Participating in the Cookie Rally are about eight troops.  Ours is Girls Scout Juniors,  there are a couple Brownie and Daisy troops, and then there are some older, more established troops with more members and representing the age spectrum from Brownies/Daisies up through Girls Scout Ambassasors.  I have to tell you that it makes me feel good to see so many of the older girls from those couple troops here, actively involved with their troops when there are certainly more fun and exciting things for high schoolers to do on Friday nights.

Girl Scouts (and Boy Scouts, as well) is a very good activity for youngsters right on up through high school.  It teaches positive values, leadership, and skills that can be used throughout life, and it’a done in a fun way.  I’m glad my daughters finally decided to give Girl Scouts a try.


2 Responses

  1. the cake is beautiful

  2. The cake and cupcakes were very pretty. I didn’t eat one, but I’ll guess they must have been good since they didn’t last very long.

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