Music and Flashbacks: How an Army Brat Remembers (P366D5)

Do you know where you were when you first heard the following song?

I was standing in the kitchen of our home on Fort Monroe getting ready to go to school on a chilly winter morning.  It was playing on WFOG, which played soft/lite tunes back in 1980/81.

Some songs I’m not quite that detailed on, but being an Army brat brings back so many more memories with sooo many songs.  If the song isn’t related to a specific event, it still tickles the mind to think back to the post, or state, or country I was living in when i first heard it…and then there are the more specific memories like the one above, or this one:

I was in my bedroom in our house on Fort Bliss, after school, listening to local Pop/Rock station KINT 98.  It was spring of 1982.

Sure, it’s not too difficult to tie songs to events or really good memories.  Most people know the song that was their prom theme, or their first dance at their wedding, or even the song on the radio when they first “got lucky.”

But for me, just about any song from the late 70’s through the early 90’s, when I was an Army brat or in the service myself, will take me back to, at the very least, a location and a place in time.

My last example:  many of you have probably never even heard of this band or heard the song, but I’ll leave you with this…when I hear it, I am instantly transported back to walking through the AAFES “Sight & Sound” section of the Heidelberg shopping center in 1986.


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