The Sad Little Head (P366D4)


Dumber, as I affectionately call her, hasn’t been quite herself the last few days.  She’d been lethargic, shaky, yelping when her butt is nudged/touched, tucking her tail between her legs constantly, groaning, and not bounding up the stairs like a speed freak.  We thought, at first, that maybe one of her feet/legs, or even her back might be the problem, but that’s when we noticed that she’d also begun to smell like an ass…an unwashed one at that.  Once we caught a whiff we were sure it had to be an anal sac blockage.

Today, I took Noel (a.k.a. Dumber) to the vet.  He checked her back thoroughly and expressed her anal sacs.  They were very full and the fluid/goo in them was not the right color/consistency.  The vet also didn’t like how tense her back and abdomen were.  He said we are probably dealing with multiple issues because most of the symptoms weren’t symptoms of both problems.  Long story, short:  Dumber got a finger in the butt to clear up the blocked anal sacs and three medications.

I suppose it was worth the money, though.  She’s already walking better and acting more like her old self…the happy little head.

Note:  The happy little head/sad little head is a reference to Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.  King Julian rocks!


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