2012: So Far, So Good – Back to Work Tomorrow (P366D2)

I know, we’re only two days into the new year, but it’s been a busy two days, full of excitement and travel.

Well, maybe not so much excitement…or travel.

On the 1st, we traveled across the water (via bridge-tunnel – about 30 minutes) to my in-laws and had the fairly standard southern New Year’s Day meal of ham, black-eyed peas, greens, and sweet tea.  Depending on which part of the south you’re in, eating greens and/or black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day is supposed to bring you money and/or luck in the new year.  I don’t eat greens.  Maybe that’s what blows the whole deal for me because, while my luck hasn’t been too bad overall, I haven’t run into money…but did have a yummy meal.

Today, we spent a bit of time getting all the remaining leaves in the yard out to the curb for the leaf pickup.  You can see in the one picture that a little prep work had already been done, but you can see in the other picture that there were still LOTS of leaves left to move to the street.  We are fortunate that we live in one of the neighborhoods in the city that allows leaf collection.  Most of the PUDs (Planned Urban Developments) –pretty much any that have a community association, bylaws, and dues– don’t allow this as they see it as an eye sore.  I’ll agree that it isn’t the prettiest sight, but it is quaint and fairly typical in the older neighborhoods around town.  It only took between two and a half and three hours to get the leaves moved.  For those who’ve never had the pleasure of this process, I’ve tried a number of ways to do it.  I’ve tried blowing them.  Not fast or efficient, and very little exercise.  I’ve tried raking them from the back through the gate to the street.  Not incredibly fast or efficient, but a good cardio, ab, back, and shoulder workout.  The best method (I’ve found) is raking onto a tarp and then dragging the tarp to the street and dumping the leaves.  Still not very fast, but rather efficient, and it works those muscles from raking, as well as the legs and forearms…also, the yard can be prepped a little in advance by raking the leaves into piles.  Short of paying someone, though, it’s going to be a time-consuming process.  I can’t say it’s my favorite task, but I do enjoy the exercise part of it and, as of this afternoon, it is done…until next year.

After the yard work, I got cleaned up, relaxed a few minutes, then cooked up some brown rice and pork loin in barbecue sauce.  Now I sit here with a full belly, listening to the sound of my kids not doing what they are supposed to be doing:  getting ready for bed and reading.  They have school tomorrow and I have to go to work.  While I like my job, I’m not looking forward to all the email and phone calls that hit the first day after holidays, especially since I took the last two days off before New Year’s Eve.


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