Iron-Hold Recycling BagsWe needed more clear lawn bags today for bagging up leaves, pines needles, small sticks, etc. so my wife picked up these Iron Hold Recycling Bags because they were a lot cheaper than the “lawn bags.”  No problem, right?  The most important feature we need in the bags is that they are clear.  I finished up the last three of the Food Lion (grocery store chain) brand bags and then switched to the Iron-Hold ones.  I started putting the rakings into the bag and on the first “jamming down” of the bagged rakings, a huge split opened up in the side of the bag…and it wasn’t from a stick, just pine needles.  I should mention that I have always “jammed down” the rakings to pack as much into each bag as possible.  The Food Lion brand bags frequently get holes poked through them by sticks, but I don’t think they’ve ever split open.  Granted, these bags don’t claim to be lawn bags.  The proclaim right there up top that they are recycling bags, but my issue is that my recycling includes boxes with corners much sharper that the pine straw.  How are these bags going to hold up there?  They aren’t.  I’ll just not pack the bags as full as possible and go back to the Food Lion lawn bags.  I just found the name Iron-Hold kind of ironic based on its lack of ability to hold pine straw.


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