It’s a jackwagon… in my rearview

The Jackwagon in the RearviewLast Friday, heading to work, I ran into a Stau (German for traffic jam) which isn’t really uncommon on this stretch of Interstate where the geniuses who design/(fail to properly) plan roads decided it was a good idea to take four lanes of highway down to two by shrinking the number of lanes from the left by two in a span of less than half a mile AND merge oncoming traffic from the right in the same stretch, not to mention the fidiots who take the exit, speed along that straightaway without exiting and queue up on the right to improve their placement in the stau.

Like I said, it isn’t uncommon.  Everyone gets jammed up and you have to deal with the folks who all think they are more important than you who stay in the left lane until the lane disappears and then they sit there until someone lets them in, intentionally or not.

So, Friday, I was about 20 meters from the end of the merging and I was in the lane that will be the left lane (once the merging is complete) and I was right on the bumper of the truck in front of me.  [I try not to drive aggressively, but this morning I couldn’t help myself with the number of people driving on the shoulder to get in ahead of others.]  I have a peppy little car with good brakes so I knew I could stop quicker than the truck.  No one was getting in between us.  Lo and behold, the jackwagon in the picture above just kept going in the left lane like she thought I’d be intimidated into backing off and letting her in.  Not happening.  I kept my eye on the truck so I could move when he moved and brake when he braked.  The jackwagon was now crossing the lane line as it cuts in and as she realized I wasn’t backing down, she honked her horn at me like that would make the difference.  If I’d even considered letting her in, there was no way in Hell it was going to happen now.  The person behind me wasn’t as bold and she got in.  Allowing me to capture her on film, where she stayed for the entire stretch of bumper-to-bumper, barely moving traffic all the way to my exit.

Jackwagon’s be warned, if you try to force your way in on me, I’ll be able to snap a similar picture of you…in my rearview!

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