I pilfered this quote from a “dear” (grin) teacher I had in high school.  I hope she doesn’t mind my posting it here.  Ultimately, I think she’s who really turned me on to writing…although it wasn’t until almost ten years later that I started doing it.

Old is a flexible attitude. A groundless stereotype. No matter what I  look like, inside I dwell agelessly.  Me.  I am startled when I see my image by accident. That old woman – she is not me. – Wanda McCollar

I try to be healthy in the way I live my life, more so the last few years because I want to be around for my kids and their kids (thinking a bit ahead here — they’re still in elementary school) and it will also imagine it will be difficult to reach my goal of living 130 years if I don’t do a little preventative maintenance.  I exercise because I like to do it and I try not to eat like a pig all the time.

I may not be quite as fast on the pitch as I once was, but I still play competitively with kids that are high school and college age…and regularly run them to exhaustion –I refuse to let my age be a factor in my game.  I dance around the house singing The Wiggles and Hannah Montana and High School Musical…and sometimes the kids are even around.

But that isn’t the heart of the quote.  I’ve said for years that age is just a number –a way to mark time spent in your physical body, regardless of its state.  Young or Old is a state of mind.  Whatever your age, you are only as old as you choose to be.  Keep a fire in your belly, have goals, continue to dream, and (yes, I’m going to be cliche)… “Do not go gentle into that good night.”

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