You Can Vote For This Or You Can Vote For That …or My Beef with our Two Party System

I heard on Foxnews this morning that someone said the WH’s revised job/unemployment numbers are Armageddon for Obama and they are expected to stay bad through the election.  Armageddon? Really?  With our (effectively) two-party system, there’s no such thing as political Armageddon.  So many fidiots vote solely on whether a candidate is Democrat or Republican instead of on who the candidate is –their history, their position on issues, the company they keep, etc., that a President could cause all kinds of problems or fail to fix existing problems and still get re-elected.

I think our party system is stupid.  If you don’t pick a side and get their support, you’ve got little chance of getting elected and, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that Congress can’t accomplish anything because too many of the people we’ve elected to represent us simply vote along their party line because they are afraid of being ostracized…or losing big bucks from the lobbyists, but that’s a different subject.


2 Responses

  1. You lost me at Fox News…:)
    But seriously, I do agree with you.

    • Everyone has their preferred news source. There aren’t any that don’t lean one way or another. The important thing is not taking any one source as gospel. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who watch the really extreme left and right shows (TV and/or radio) and regurgitate what they hear without any thought.

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