None so blind…

Dontcha hate it when everyone around a situation can see what’s going on except the person in the middle?  I’m not sure whether it would be worse to be the person in the middle who hasn’t figured it out or not, but it’s darn frustrating being one of the satellites…orbiting the situation, apparently on the wrong frequency to communicate with the person in the middle.

There are none so blind as those who will not see…

Soooo… after much hemming and hawing, you decide the right thing to do is to point out to the apparently oblivious person what is so obvious to everyone else.  The best reaction, I guess, is to see the light go on and be thanked for pointing out what they, for whatever reason, couldn’t see before.  Next best, might be them just not getting it…even after a good chat and rephrasing what you’re saying, it just doesn’t compute to them.  Worst would be the rebuff…denying what you’re telling them:  intentional blindness.  Sad.


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