My Body Is a Temple…and I totally desecrated it the other night

Where to start?  The other night wasn’t any special occasion.  I was going to a local bar with my wife and a couple friends to introduce them to an awesome 80’s cover band, The Deloreans, that we’ve been going to see for a couple years now.  Our friends met at our house for a couple drinks and some appetizers before heading to the show.  We got to the bar just before the show started and opened a tab with a beer I’d not seen before:  Loose Cannon.  It was a very yummy IPA.  It was served in a glass a little larger than pint-sized…maybe 20 oz.  I had three of these over the course of three to four hours and was feeling really good… a lot louder and animated than I usually get at The Deloreans, but had a great time.  I had smartly handed over the keys earlier when I realized I was in no way going to be in any shape to drive.  We all got back to the house around one in the morning and broke out the munchies.  It wasn’t long before the damage from those Loose Cannons had sunk me.  I was torn up like I hadn’t been in nearly 20 years.

Now, I can recall the younger days of my drinking career and recovery the next day always sucked.  Like recovery from everything else as we age, recovery from such a binge is worse and takes longer than 20 years ago.  And, while I find it interesting that I never had a headache, three days later my stomach still doesn’t appear to be quite right.  I don’t have a problem eating or drinking anything –haven’t tried any alcohol yet, but that’s not unusual anyway…my body is a temple and I don’t often pollute it.  [I do have an occasional beer –I like the taste and have read a number of articles about the benefits of the drink, but rarely ever hit even the “buzzed” stage.]  A lot of that has to do with having children –wanting to set a good example for them of how to take care of yourself, not wanting them to see me in a state that I’ll tell them to avoid, and being in a condition that allows me to think and act quickly should an emergency happen.

Where am I going with this post?  I’m not exactly sure.  It just seemed like something I needed to write when I sat down to draft up a post tonight.  I guess this is my own little “publicly private service announcement.”  Initially, I thought about making it about how all these “Craft Beers” that are all the rage now make it difficult to gauge how many you can have and still drive home because the alcohol content varies widely now with some breweries intentionally jacking it up.  That would come off as whiny, right?  Blame the beer maker rather than my ability to notice my level of intoxication and cut myself off?  Instead, I’ll just say that if you’re going to head out to the bar/club/friend’s place, be safe.  Watch out for yourselves –make sure you have a sober ride home or a place to crash so that you don’t, and wear your seat belts and keep an eye out for those who aren’t driving responsibly.

Now, I think I’ve hit my stride and figured out why I am writing this:  If you’re reading this, it’s likely you got the link from my Facebook post or from a friend of mine who reposted it or forwarded it.  In either case, the takeaway is that I care about you and not hearing about my friend or one of their friends being in an alcohol-related accident, or worse, becoming a fatality.

I was a dummy in desecrating my temple the other night and…”You could learn a lot from a dummy

And, since we’re now on the subject of drinking and driving, here’s a short PSA about being a good friend.

Be a good friend!


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