The Singles Scene – It sucks and It blows… if you’re lucky

I went out with a couple friends from work last night for some grub and a few beers.  Both of these guys are single …one is about fifteen years younger than me and never married, the other is about my age and divorced… both are interested in meeting women for similar interests, though vastly different desires for the length of any “relationship.”  While picking up women was not the main intent of the evening, I’m sure both of them would have been more than ready and willing to jump on some “strange.”  I suggested a place I hadn’t been to in years that has a great selection of draught beer, as well as scotch, bourbon, and bottled beer, the wait staff wear kilts, and the last time I had been there (years before when it opened) it was very busy with lots of young to middle-aged folk hanging out having a good time.  Apparently, they just recently changed the name and made some improvements to the way they do the beer menu/selection, but it was pretty much the same …except for the lack of bunches of folks.  There were a few groups of folks there with friends like we were, but there seems to be more family time happening.  [Not that there’s a problem with family time.  My wife of almost thirteen years and I rarely have “date night” so it’s usually family time when we go out to restaurants.]  Granted, we weren’t at the local drinkfest dance party where all the chicks go to get drunk, dance like hos, and get hit on all night by drunk hard heads hoping to score, but I started thinking, “I am so glad I’m married.  Being single nowadays, unless still in college, would have to suck.”

Where does one go to meet people outside of the bar scene?  I guess there’s always a college class here or there, book clubs, or maybe even church?  There are a slew of online dating sites, even ones just for booty calls, but it seems like the singles scene, especially for the late twenties and over crowd, just blows.

I had a great time out with my friends and wish them the best of luck in finding whatever it is they are searching for and nothing they aren’t…cause I keep reading about the over-abundance of gifts that keep on giving, but that would be for a different post.

Have I mentioned that I’m happy I’m married?


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  1. Ha said “strange”. (Do I sound like Bevis?) Nice post btw, I totally agree.

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