Lindsey Graham is a Fidiot

See, I can call people names, too.  Maybe that qualifies me to be a politician???

Why is it that these fidiots think it’s cool to name call when people disagree with their ideas?  More to the point, exactly WHO are we bigoted against?  I have a problem with ALL illegals, not just ones of certain races/nationalities.  Of course, I’m also not stupid enough to believe that we can police all the illegals up and deport them so we have to come up with some sort of process that allows for those who are here and working and not committing crimes, well, other than being here illegally, to become citizens.

This process should not be as simple as they apply for it and Uncle Sam waves a magic wand and *POOF* –new citizens.  It should be something similar to the current process that the LEGAL immigrants have been doing.

I’m not going to claim I know the current process (nor am I going to look it up for the sake of making this post longer) or have the best solution drafted up and ready to give to Congress.  I do hope that my senators and representatives, though, will vote against any proposal that does not include criminal background checks.  If person has already shown they are willing to break our laws, in addition to being here illegally, they don’t belong here.

If you’re wondering where this post came from…  I began writing this to share on FaceBook when I saw it pop up in my feed, but it was rapidly becoming too long so I cut and pasted it here into my blog instead.  The post I was sharing was from:


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