“Health Pros” vs. a Clown

Here’s a link to the Fox News article McDonald’s Under Pressure to Fire Ronald.  The impetus for this post.

Here we are again…  people, health professionals and organizations in this case, arguing that it is the fault of McDonalds and their cultural icon, Ronald McDonald, are the cause of childhood obesity and are calling for McDonald’s Corp. to retire the clown.  I hope Ronald and company give these folks the middle finger salute along with a big “HELL NO!”

The problem with choldhood obesity is kids being allowed to stuff adult-sized portions of food into their mouths and not being forced to get out of the house and exercise.

How many of these kids have jobs and make their own money?  It’s very unlikely that any of them who would be swayed to McDonalds by Ronald or who would be buying Happy Meals are holding down jobs or getting paid enough allowance money that they’re stuffing their faces with gobs of Chicken McNuggets.

When you boil it down, the source of the problem is parents, or maybe a lack thereof.  Parents are the ones who decide where breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc. come from.  Yes, their kids may beg and plead, even throw tantrums, to get those yummy fries and burgers, but they’re not taking the keys and cruising through the drive thru, the parents are.

I love McDonalds food.  So do my kids.  My job, in taking care of them, though, is to know that we can’t live at McDonalds -it can’t be the main source of food in our lives.  It is my job to make sure they get a (somewhat) balanced diet and… limit the amounts they eat… and… AND… to kick their butts out of the house and make them go play outside.  Sometimes they come back to the door after being outsite for five or ten minutes complaining that it’s hot or that they’re bored and they want to come back inside… I don’t let them.  They need their exercise and I’m going to force them to stay outside where they’re more likely to do that than inside in front of a TV or computer.  I also force them to pick an activity that’s outside the home such as sports, dance, martial arts, etc. and make them do this for the equivalent of at least two “season” a year.

Here’s the bottom line… if McDonalds retires Ronald and kids stop eating Happy Meals and parents only feed their kids healthy stuff like baked or grilled chicken, vegetables, lean beef, friut, brown rice, etc. (you get the idea), but don’t keep an eye on portion size and make the kids go exercise, there is still going to be a childhood obesity problem …and these so called “health pros” will have showed how stupid they are by blaming Happy Meals and a clown for a parenting problem.


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  1. I was happy to read that the CEO of McDonald’s said “Ronald McDonald is going nowhere.” Of course, the article I read goes on to debate whether Ronald is really useful and beneficial to McDonald’s, whether he’s keeping pace with the times, etc. More importantly, though, is that it says the shareholders backed the CEO statement.

    Read the article here: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704083904576333213631846174.html

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