The Human Spirit


As a general rule, the words above are good adjectives for the human spirit.  There are always exceptions, but for the most part, we are born with an inner fire that pushes us to persevere, to overcome, to survive.

Sure, when faced with adversity, there are some who give up, give in, but many more continue to fight through their problems, struggling to slay their dragon.  Times of natural disaster are perfect examples.  In the wake of devastation left by tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes, among others, people come back into the remains of their homes, neighborhoods, cities and dig for what they can salvage, mourn the loss of their belongings and, potentially, loved ones, and decide to rebuild in place or relocate and start over elsewhere… but the key here is that regardless of how many tears they shed in the process, or looking back years later, they pick up the pieces they can and move on.

Assisting these folks are many others, showcasing more qualities of the human spirit, including empathy, sympathy, and kindness.  Yes, there are those who are apathetic or down-right malicious and prey upon the down-trodden, but a greater majority are willing to help as they can -donating money, pitching in with collecting needed items to send to the victims, or leaving their own loved ones to go help on-site.

As I type this post, I am watching footage of the destruction wrought by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan last week, as I have been for the last few days.  It is amazing.  Now, it appears more and more likely that they are going to end up with a meltdown of their nuclear reactor.  I hope they are able to prevent that from happening and that all of the survivors are able to eventually put this behind them.


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