Wintergreen – A great place to eat

Night time pic of the slopes from the condoCondos Overlooking Ski Slope
Back in January, my wife and daughters took a trip with another family to Wintergreen Resort in Virginia over MLK Weekend.  We all had fun tubing the first day and, on the second day, the adults had fun skiing while the kids were in ski school.  The view from our condos was fantastic.

This past weekend, my wife and I went back to Wintergreen with three other couples sans kids.  This time we rented a house/cottage.  We had fun skiing again even though the conditions weren’t ideal… warm temperatures, rain, and then an overnight freeze made for slush broken by patches of ice.

The big surprise of both trips was lunch at The Copper Mine Bistro.  Both times I had the buffet, which consisted of chili and another soup, two meat dishes, a cooked vegetable, a side, small salad bar, and dessert bar.  The chili (both times) was a good, middle of the road chili, the meats were good -this past trip the meat was falling off the ribs, the scalloped potatoes were creamy, cheesy, and tender, and all the salad fixings were fresh.  The chocolate chip cookies were very good, as well.  My wife also got the buffet this past trip and picked up a piece of pecan pie.  She loved it and before we were done eating, everyone else at the table had tried it and agreed that it was the best pecan pie they’d had.  Discussion ensued about whether it was made fresh there or delivered.  The general consensus was confirmed when the manager told us the chef makes it fresh.  The ordered food was also very good, including the bruschetta and the burger, as well as the Sam Adams Noble Pils and Legend Brown Ale on draft.  I highly recommend hitting the lunch buffet if you’re on the mountain around lunch time.

Leaving Wintergreen the first trip, we stopped at a brewery that I won’t name as it was very underwhelming.  I didn’t care for any of their beers and the food wasn’t anything to write home about.

The brewery we hit on the way back this time, though, was great.  While we had a couple small problems, the food and beer at Devils Backbone Brewing Company restaurant at the bottom of the mountain was excellent.  The only beer in the flight of specialties I didn’t like was the Belgian-style, but I knew I wouldn’t like it as I don’t care for Belgian-style beers.  They have a coffee stout that was very tasty, and, actually, all of their beers were very good in their respective styles.  As for food, I had the Steakhouse Hoagie which was made with strips of espresso rubbed steak, cheese, sauteed onions, and red peppers –very yummy.  Those who had the chili raved about it, as well as the pulled pork sandwich.  I could easily stop here on every trip and would probably be a regular if I lived in the area.

I’m looking forward to next year’s ski season… and great grub at the Copper Mine and Devils Backbone.


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  1. […] Last year, another family and mine took a short vacation to Wintergreen Resort for some skiing.  We put our kids in Ridgley’s Rippers, the ski school class for their age and ability level.  Our girls and their son enjoyed it and they all seemed to be learning fairly well.  They spent almost all day in the little kiddie area making short 15′ runs just to practice pizza slice and french fries…which most of us know as snow plowing and parallel.  Our older daughter got to make a run or two down the beginner slope and ride back up the ski lift.  We extended their tickets and they both got to make a couple of those runs before we called it a day.  At the end of February, we went back with the same couple, sans kids, and a couple other adults.  You can read a bit about our trip and how much we liked the Copper Mine Bistro in the post I made last March:  Wintergreen – A great place to eat. […]

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