Recipe: Ginger-Curried Pineapple Chicken

Ginger Curried Pineapple Chicken on StoveMy wife called and told me that she had read that she should eat more curry and ginger and pineapple and less beef… Voilà, I have a new recipe. (photo at left is the main dish cooking)
The Ingredients
1 bag of chicken tenderloins, trimmed
Fresh Ginger (about a ping pong ball sized piece before trimming)
Garlic Powder (was out of fresh – enough to cover the meat in the skillet with a light layer)
Curry Powder (same amount Garlic, but a slightly thicker layer)
dash of Cayenne Pepper
1 tbsp of brown sugar
dash of salt
dash of black pepper
1 small can of Pineapple Chunks
Prep and Cooking
1. Very finely julienne the ginger, then mince about a third of it to go in the rice. Put the julienned ginger in a large skillet with a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2. Use the minced ginger and get the rice going (I recommend a rice cooker)
3. Cube the chicken, put it in the skillet, and spread it into an even layer
4. Sprinkle with Garlic powder to create a light layer across the chicken and stir to cover the chicken with the garlic
5. Repeat step 3 with Curry powder, but make the layer of curry thicker
Ginger Curried Pineapple Chicken Over Rice6. Stir in the Cayenne Pepper, Brown Sugar, black pepper and salt
7. Add the can of Pineapple Chunks, stir, cover and simmer, stirring occasionally
8. When the rice is done, the chicken should also be ready
**Note: I served this over rice, as I do many things. An afterthought was sprinkling paprika over the meal to give it a touch of color. I think the flavor came out well with the cayenne pepper balancing the sweetness of the pineapple, but be careful not to add too much pepper as the curry has a bit of spice itself.

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