Rock Sugar: If you haven’t heard them yet, you should

A friend of mine introduced me today to a great band:  Rock Sugar.  He posted a link to the following video for “Don’t Stop the Sandman” on my FaceBook wall.  I’d never heard of the band, but I was willing to listen to something a friend thought enough of to post on my wall.  Yes, I suppose it could have been a link to a Rick Roll, but that didn’t really cross my mind at the time.  Turns out, it was a legit link to a great band doing mashups of rock and pop hits that span multiple generations.  “Don’t Stop the Sandman” is from their debut album, Reimaginator.  Check out the video below:

If you like what you’ve seen/heard, you can hit their website and/or FaceBook page.

Also on their Reimaginator album, “We Will Kickstart your Rhapsody”, “Here Comes the Fool You Wanted”, and “Shook Me Like a Prayer” are also awesome.

I hope you enjoy this band as much as I do.


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