Karmic Rebound… or Did I really buy that much at Christmas that Karma is punishing me by making me fix/replace major appliances, car batteries, etc.???

So, this year, we spent more on Christmas presents for ourselves (immediate family) while still spending about as much as we usually do on others.  Haven’t spent this much on us in a few years.  While we may have indulged a little on ourselves, we also hosted my brother and his family for a few days and an all-day visit from my cousin and his family.  We gave in and attended the family Christmas gathering at my wife’s grandparent’s, which is too small for the amount of people attending, and attended the Christmas Day open house at my grandmother’s house, which is, again, too small for the size of the family.  All this without much, if any, grumbling… openly, anyway.  It’s been a nice Christmas season.

Last night, the washer started sounding like it is in its death throes.  This morning the van wouldn’t start.  And we need to replace the rear brakes on our car so it will pass the state inspection.

I’m not sure what we did to unbalance the universe so much this year, but Karma is being quite the vindictive little minx.  Maybe, hopefully, I’m reading this wrong and this is a Karmic first strike to be followed by the happy happy joy joy returns.

I guess there’s always hope…


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  1. To follow-up on this post, one of the three problems mentioned ended up not costing me anything but a little time and two trips to Auto Zone. Took the battery out of the van, drove it to the store and they had to charge it (because it was so low) before they could give it a proper test. They started the charging and said it would be about 30 minutes. They explained that for a battery to be this dead, it was likely that something like a dome light was left on, and that there was a good chance that by charging it back up, it would be fine. They were right. The battery tested good after being charged. Put it back in the van and it cranked right up. Later, on the way to pick the car back up from having its brakes fixed, we noticed the van’s rear lift door light on. Glad we found that, as we’d been racking our brain trying to figure out what had caused the battery drain.

    The last issue we have is the dying washer… and, tonight, I broke it a little more. It was making its “I’m dying” noise. I went downstairs and hit the control knob a bit too hard and, well, it’s now a little trickier to push, pull and turn the knob. We’re pretty sure we’ve decided on the new washer we want and where we want to get it. Now, we just have to go do it.

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