The Race to the Finish (Sigh!)

The Race to the Finish (Sigh!)

I love reading.  I love getting into a good story, getting to know the characters, exploring the settings, and working/fighting through the conflicts.  While I’m reading I try not to spend too much time analyzing what’s going to happen, to see if I can guess where the story is headed, to figure out whodunit.  Sure, I pick up on the obvious foreshadowing, the little details added in early to make that impossible throw or shot not seem quite so far-fetched in the critical scene.  And those times when the author throws in too many twists and turns or stretches things a bit too thin, I’m right there with them.  I even find myself, on occasion, trying to figure out what the author was thinking when they make a leap that appears to have no bridge to the landing point –I try to reason out how I might have come to where they brought me if I were the author.

Ultimately, though, all good things must come to an end, right?  And so it is with stories.  Be they single book stories, trilogies, or 15 book series that require a new writer to finish the series due to the untimely death of the original author, they all must eventually come to a climax, and The End.  Regardless of how fast or slow I am working my way through a story, as I approach the climax, I find myself spending too much time reading into the wee hours of the night (morning?) instead of going to bed.  After the climax, there’s the denouement, and, sometimes, the years later that authors like to throw in just to let readers know their favorite characters had long, fruitful lives… or not.

As much as I can’t put the book down as the climax approaches, I heave a heavy sigh as I close the book a (potentially) final time.  It’s like I’ve lost a friend.  Fortunately, I have a number of other friends to turn to –new, unknown friends, as well as, well met and familiar friends.

One day, I hope to finish one of the stories/novels I’ve begun and see it published so that others can add my cast of characters to their “friends list.”

To see some of the friends I’ve made or reacquainted myself with, check out my Reading List on my blog about writing.


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