No Airport Screening Exception or My Beef with the Privacy and Religion Advocates

Religion Offers No Break on Airport Screening, TSA Says

I’m all in favor of this.  I’m not looking for a ‘goosing’ at the airport by TSA, but I’m also not afraid to walk through the full body imager.  I like my privacy, but I also understand that we are in a time of perpetual struggle against a bunch of cowardly, evil people that are doing and will continue to do all they can do kill as many of us that don’t follow their skewed religious and political beliefs.

Yes, I called their beliefs skewed.  I know there are many different people around the world who don’t hold to the same beliefs (political/religious/etc) that I do, but the majority of them don’t think they need to kill me because of it.  We can all share the planet… at least, that is, until we have over-populated it and run short of space and food, but that’s another topic.

It’s time for all the “privacy” and “religion” advocates, as well as all the others who are clueless enough to believe we are “safe enough” to pull up their big boy and girl undies and understand that the imposition of being scanned or patted down is a very small price to pay to prevent the kind of death toll we could face otherwise.

Hell, if it bothers you that much, stay out of the airport and find another means of getting where you need to go.  The rest of us who have to fly will be happy with the shorter lines and more room on the flights.


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