Against the “Ground Zero Mosque”

I got an email with Newt’s note on the Proposed “Ground Zero” Mosque in NYC in it so I hit Snopes to see if it was really his.  According to them, it is and they had a link to his site with the article.  I’m including the link below so you can read it straight from his site rather than from re-posts.

Newt puts forth his interpretation of what the “Cordoba House” stands for based on a smattering of history about Cordoba, Spain, and the conversion of a Christian church into a mosque.

The Snopes page also mentions and provides a link to a dissenting opinion of the meaning behind calling the proposed mosque “Cordoba House” and provides a much more in-depth history of church/mosque at Cordoba, Spain.  The link to that blog is also provided below.

Newt’s Note:  Statement on Proposed Mosque/Islamic Community Center near Ground Zero

Got Medieval’s post:   Professor Newt’s Distorted History Lesson

I have to come down on the side of not allowing the mosque to be built over-looking Ground Zero, although I’d find it better if the proposal was simply withdrawn.

At first I didn’t really care whether the mosque got built, and Newt makes a good point about those who claim to be tolerant and demand all others be “equally” tolerant, but won’t let a non-Muslim into Mecca or allow another religion to have a place of worship in an entire country –and, yes, I realize all Muslims are not from Saudi Arabia.   BUT… my biggest reason for going against the mosque being built there doesn’t really have anything to do with it being a mosque.  It has everything to do with how we, as American citizens, across the country, in small towns, as well as large, unite to prevent the construction of buildings and establishments that we don’t want in our backyards and neighborhoods.  We go have our say at city/county/etc. meetings and express our displeasure and argue for why something shouldn’t be built and, if we’re lucky, the elected and/or appointed officials listen and prevent that which has raised our hackles from being built.

Our hackles are raised over this mosque.  While the analysis of a late August CBS News poll shows that 67% of Americans agree that the developers have the right to build there, 71% feel it is inappropriate.

The best thing that could happen here would be the withdrawal of the plans to build the mosque.  It would show that they care about what the people in their proposed neighborhood think.  To follow through with the development would be to say “we don’t care about our neighbors.”  It would be rubbing salt into the wound many are still nursing from 9 years ago.  If they are looking for tolerance, I’m fairly certain they won’t find it by continuing on this course.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. If only more people thought like this, the world might be a more understanding place.

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