Fidiots in Charge

Have you ever been in a job working on a project that had already been approved by the big boss and then had one of his minions hijack it and screw it all up? You know the guy… the one who doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing, doesn’t have the tiniest bit of understanding how to proceed, but somehow has been put in a position where he gets to call the shots. You’re the subject matter expert, but he is a trained “leader” with years of experience (aka somehow managing to not be fired) in project mismanagement under his belt so he sets up weekly meetings so you and a handful (or more) of others can sit around and stare blankly (at best) at him while he imagines he has things under control and steers the bus toward the ravine. Meanwhile, the rest of the folks in the room are wondering if they can be lucky enough for him to get hit by a bus.

These weekly meetings are nothing but a waste of development time and a way for the idiot in charge to keep altering what we’re trying to develop. The worst part is that my office director isn’t interested in helping get us out of these stupid meetings.

It may be time to start looking for a new job… that’s probably better than getting in trouble for throwing the idiot in charge under the bus when we brief the big boss this week, right?


2 Responses

  1. You need a vaction, sir.

  2. or a vacation, even

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