Ahhhhh… Coffee

Have you ever had one of those long, draining days at work?  Not necessarily a bad day, just one that seemed to drag on with meetings, or your butt stuck in a chair in your cube, or even behind your big executive desk, working on some tiresome paperwork (aside: isn’t it funny we still call it that?), or both?  By the time you’re able to shuffle out the door, you’ve simply got no energy.  There are a lot of folks who work on their feet all day who think that a desk job is easy and that it isn’t tiring.  It’s really a “grass is always greener” situation, but I digress.  So you get home or stop by your favorite place for coffee, get that cup of hot joe (season/temperature is irrelevant) fixed as you like it, and take that first sip…


Everything is right as rain.  Those life leeches are flushed and you can almost feel the energy and vitality flowing throughout your body as your swallow that one sip.  At that point, it doesn’t matter if you get another sip or finish the cup, the first one is the key.  The interesting thing is that it doesn’t matter how many cups of coffee you’ve had during the day, even if you have access to quality coffee at work.

I know there are lots of folks who don’t drink coffee and look forward to their first glass of wine, bottle or mug of beer, Coke (or other soft drink), tea, water, etc., but none of these have the same effect.  I’m not sure what it is about coffee.  It’s not the caffeine, because lots of drinks have that and they don’t have quite the same energy replenishing effect.

To describe it as an energy thing isn’t quite right, either. It isn’t about providing energy.  I’ve had plenty of XS Energy Drinks at the end of a long day and they do a great job of providing energy to keep going, but they aren’t coffee.  It’s like coffee resets your brain.

“The moment” is visible if you’re paying attention.  It goes back to that first sip:  The cup goes up to your lips, the coffee gently spills in, rolls around and over the tongue, is swallowed and there’s a half second pause, eyes closed, half-smile on the lips, followed by a short exhale breathing out the days fatigue.

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