Banning toys in Kids’ Meals

Those nut jobs in California are at it again:  Santa Clara County Supervisors are proposing a ban on toys in kid’s meals if the meal’s calorie, sodium, or fat content exceed set levels.  (Read the article)

I don’t know about other people’s kids, but mine don’t usually go cruising around the neighborhood or up the street with money in their pockets to fast food joints to buy a kids’ meal (or whatever each chain calls it).  Both of my kids are under 10.  Sure, we hit the fast food joints –undoubtedly, more than we ever intend, but it’s a matter of convenience.  We certainly don’t go because their meals come with toys and the kids don’t want them because of the toys (usually).  They want them because they are tasty.  Maybe when they are older and going places on their own, with money in their pockets, they’ll decide to patronize fast food joints, but by that time, I doubt there’s much chance that the impetus will be the toy that’s in the kids’ meal.

This is another instance of Little Big Brother meddling in our personal lives –where it doesn’t belong– and on bad logic to boot.  Getting rid of the toys in kids’ meals isn’t going to keep people from buying fast food for their family/kids, it just shows how out-of-touch lawmakers are, even at low levels of government.  Instead of trying to legislate how to take care of kids rather than allowing parents to do it themselves, lawmakers should be working on balancing their budgets so they can ensure Phys Ed and recess stay in schools, that schools serve nutritious lunches, etc.  But here’s the big catch on nutritious lunches that they’ll probably screw up:  if the lunches don’t taste good, the kids aren’t going to eat them, regardless of how good they are for them.

In summary, you can’t legislate good parenting and more than you can legislate folks who aren’t corrupt and/or clueless into office.


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