My Beef with Misspelling Names and Assuming Familiarity

My wife got an invitation to attend a thank-you luncheon for all those who volunteered at our children’s school today, but they misspelled her name.  Had they gotten her name over the phone, I could understand that as her name is one that can be spelled different ways.  They didn’t get the name over the phone, though.  They got it from the form I filled out at the beginning of the year when I signed us both up for the PTA.  So, really, how much longer does it take someone to verify that they’ve spelled each person’s name correctly.  It comes down to being lazy, sloppy, and, ultimately, disrespectful.

And speaking of disrespectful,  a HUGE pet peeve of mine is when someone sends me an email and assumes that it’s acceptable to address me by a nickname… especially, one that isn’t mine.  Just because it is one of the nicknames used by others with my first name, doesn’t mean it is the one I go by.  For that matter, if you don’t know me, it’s pretty rude to assume I use a nickname at all.  Aside from the issue of assumed familiarity, how about the jerks that reply to my emails that has my signature block, including my nickname, and address me by a different nickname.  Come on, butthead… read the signature block before addressing me.


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